tangotango is a tribute to the weaving heritage of the former Tango Province of the northern Kyoto Prefecture in Japan. The weaving tradition of the Tango Province reaches back around 1,300 years and is particularly famed for its silk crape —or chirimen— textile traditionally used for Kimonos.
Tango weavers are highly celebrated for their fine craftsmanship and share their traits and traditions with the weavers of Kyoto’s Nishijin district.
Historically, the weavers of both areas have worked closely together and collaborated during periods of high demand.

In 2015, the Kyoto-based textile company HOSOO, whitch was founded in 1688, set out to explore the finest weaving workshops of the Tango Province to select four weavers of exceptional quality for their new tangotango brand.
With tangotango, the aim is to bring a fresh approach to the rich weaving traditions of the Tango Province and create to contemporary textiles for the domestic and international markets within fashion and interiors.

tangotango launched its first collections during the 2016 Salone del Mobile in Milan.